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January 12, 2011

New Enhancement: Easier Searching for People and Affiliations

We have a very exciting new enhancement to announce for Foundation Directory Online! You can now use Power Search and the Search Grantmakers keyword field to find foundation staff and the affiliations of grantmakers' trustees and officers. Those names and affiliations are now displayed on the main grantmaker profile, rather than on a separate tab, which lets you see those names highlighted so you know why that profile has come up in your search results. 

If you're familiar with using the trustees, officers, and donors index to find individuals connected with grantmakers in FDO, this enhancement expands that capability by opening up your search to the names of staff members as well. In addition, you can now learn more about the trustees, officers, and donors by search based on their affiliated organizations and companies. 

Because we've added the staff and affiliations content to the main grantmaker profile tab, we've also removed the dedicated People tab from Professional profiles. All the content that used to be on that tab is now on the main tab so that you can see your search terms highlighted. 

Get started today connecting with the people that make foundations work.


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This is great, but I'd really like to see every trustee/officer name be a link that shows you all of their other affiliations with one click.

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