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April 07, 2010

Statistical Update

Here's the latest FDO Professional statistical update:

  • 98,062 grantmakers
  • 501,683 trustees, officers, and donors
  • 2,102,440 grants
  • 3,994 companies
  • 683,108 keyword-searchable 990s

I update you on these statistics frequently, but I thought I'd add a little about what these numbers mean:

98,062: The current universe of foundations, corporate giving programs, and grantmaking public charities in the U.S. By far the largest percentage of these (74%) are independent foundations. 

501,683: The names selectable in the Trustees, Officers, and Donors index on the Search Grantmakers screen. These are all the trustees, officers, and donors associated with the grantmakers in the database. Using the People tab in the grantmaker profile, you can also see any other companies and organizations with which they're affiliated.

2,102,440: All the grants of $1,000 or more awarded by the grantmakers in the database dating back to 2003.

3,994: Companies that sponsor a foundation and/or one or more corporate giving programs. Each company profiles contains information on the company itself as well as links to grantmaker or grantmakers that it sponsors in the grantmakers database.

683,108: All the 990s and 990-PFs in our database. You can search these by keyword, year authorized, or one or more grantmaker-specific fields.

These numbers are always changing, and of course we're always updating Foundation Directory Online with the latest data.


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