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May 15, 2008

International Grantseekers

I was thinking today about the recent events in Myanmar (cyclone) and China (earthquake) and this made me think about how I'm occasionally asked whether FDO is useful to international grantseekers. Indeed, it is.

On the Search Grantmakers Screen, the Fields of Interest index includes the names of specific countries that grantmakers have a known giving interest in and the Geographic Focus index includes the terms "International" and "National; international" to locate grantmakers that award grants outside the U.S.

On the Search Grants Screen, accessible to Plus, Premium, Platinum, and Professional subscribers, the Recipient State/Country search field can be used to search for grants awarded to recipients located in a particular country and the Recipient City index includes the names of non-U.S. cities where grants have been awarded.

Professional subscribers can even use the Subsidiary State/Country search field on the Search Companies Screen to search for sponsoring companies with business operations located in a particular country. The profiles of the grantmakers associated with these companies can then be accessed to determine whether grants are indeed made in areas of company operations.


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